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‘Legacies is a career-wide collection of essays by Robert M. Young. Consistently throughout his extraordinarily productive life he brought together his analyses based on the brilliant 3 figures who preoccupied his academic life: Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, and Sigmund Freud. In doing so, he extrapolated the idea that has run throughout all of his writings, that the whole spectrum of scientific disciplines is not value-free. From those that have been little more than fads to those that continue to define our understanding of human beings, he has comprehensively argued that they are deeply influenced by value-judgements embedded in the broader social context. These values that insert human subjectivity in the quest for truth are, he argued, multiple, and represent the fundamental dichotomies of modern Western society: fact-versus-value, mechanism-purpose, science-ideology, nature-nurture, science-arts, primary qualities-secondary qualities, outer-inner, rational-emotional. Legacies is therefore a timelessly important work that forces us to question our assumptions about objectivity, and makes us face the question: who do these values really serve and make prosper most? These values insist that moral and social responsibilities underlie all genuine enquiry and quest for truth.’ 

Legacies of Darwin, Marx and Freud, by Robert Young:

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